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Ranger School Advice

"A great book"
-J.D. Lock
Co-Author of To Fight with Intrepidity: The Complete History of th eU.S. Army Rangers, 1622 to Present and author of The Coveted BLack and Gold

"I thoroughly enjoyed it"
-COL Hazen L. Baron
Former Commander, Ranger Training Brigade

Some Background

In June of 1998, my wife and I lost our first child, Tess, in delivery. This book and everything associated with it is dedicated to her. You cannot replace a child. You can only look forward to seeing her again in Heaven. You can take comfort in knowing that she still exists.

In August of 1998, I started working on a book that had been a shelved priority for over 10 years. After recovering from my own experience at Ranger School in 1988, I thought it would be a fun project to compile a bunch of Ranger School stories and provide Ranger School Advice. I did not think it would be anything more than funny and perhaps disturbing tales about the events of the School, however, what quickly became evident was that I could not write about the best leadership school in the Army without writing about leadership.

The content of No Excuse Leadership is made up of the stories of 10 graduates. The stories are down-in-the-mud fun, eye opening and illustrative and provide great Ranger School advice. The book features guys from the Ranger Battalions, West Point, ROTC, and more. They relate different aspect of how they decided to go, how they prepared, what experiences they had at the School and how the lessons they learned have helped them in their personal and professional lives.

In addition to the leadership lessons, No Excuse Leadership illustrates the experience like no other work has ever attempted. I have never met a ranger who could adequately express the diversity of misery there. How do you convey the feelings of frustration and anger at the paradox of being too tired to march any more, yet freezing is the alternative if you stop, or the simple pleasure of a cup of coffee was worth more to a Ranger than the company of his girl back home? It is a cold, lonely world, meant only for those who have been challenged.

The book was originally published in 2000. It has now sold an estimated 100,000 copies worldwide and continues going strong. If you would like a complimentary chapter from the original book that did not make it into the new version, please send an email via the link to the right.

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"A great read"
-COL David Hunt
Fox News Military Analyst

"An excellent book"
-Michael Yon
Author of Danger Close

"A terrific, hard-hitting book on Leadership!"
-COL Christopher D. Kolenda, Editor and Co-Author of Leadership: The Warriors Art

Ranger School Advice

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