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Full of Ranger School Advice

"A great book"
-J.D. Lock
Co-Author of To Fight with Intrepidity: The Complete History of th eU.S. Army Rangers, 1622 to Present and author of The Coveted BLack and Gold

"I thoroughly enjoyed it"
-COL Hazen L. Baron
Former Commander, Ranger Training Brigade

Bringing  No Excuse Leadership to Your Organization

Brace brings a unique perspective to the subject of leadership. His philosophies and accomplishments have set him apart as an innovator and motivator and as a leader; 'he's not talking theory!'
     He teaches executives, managers and sales professionals how to stand out from the crowd, giving them the tools necessary to lead successfully in times of duress. Brace focuses in on some of the themes of his books and relates them directly to the corporate professional. You will walk away with renewed confidence in your ability to take potentially damaging situations and use them to your advantage. The time spent with Brace is time spent gaining an edge on your competition.
     As a leader you will face those inevitable times in your organization when you must brace for turbulent weather, be ready for heavy workloads and unforeseen troubles. You will have to rely on yourself, and more importantly, your workforce to see you through. Brace shows you the kind of person you have to be in those difficult times. You will discover the mindset that makes people successful and the difference between those who simply survive and those that thrive.
     It is also Brace's pleasure to speak to military organizations and schools. Within those groups are many of the people who will lead our Armed Forces into the next century and our hats are off to them.
     Brace Teaches to groups of any size and can tailor his presentation to different time lengths and focus depending on your needs.
     Please provide your information and Brace will contact you promptly.
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Brace E. Barber

Ranger School Advice

"A great read"
-COL David Hunt
Fox News Military Analyst

"An excellent book"
-Michael Yon
Author of Danger Close

"A terrific, hard-hitting book on Leadership!"
-COL Christopher D. Kolenda, Editor and Co-Author of Leadership: The Warriors Art

For Organizational Leaders
Brace is speaking on leadership topics and coaching through The Executive Create the Know Program.
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