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  • The Book that puts you at ground level and drives home leadership principles through impactful first person stories. How does nine weeks of duress create leadership capabilities?

  • The secret of West Point’s leadership success. Brace engages audiences in a West Point and Army Ranger mindset that takes personal responsibility to the next level.

  • Use the Full Spectrum Decision Making Process to quickly create highly stable, highly strategic courses of action for selected complex missions.

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    Ranger School AuthorBrace E. Barber is a Christ follower. He is a husband and father. He is a business owner and employee. He is a 1987 graduate of West Point and 1988 graduate of the U.S. Army Ranger School. Through 11 years of distinguished military service, he led three combat-arms platoons and two companies. He performed various other leadership and staff functions in locations as diverse as South Korea, Thailand, Honduras, Alaska, and Hawaii. Brace co-founded two companies and purchased a third. His companies have achieved notable successes and have burned holes in the ground as well. He is a charter member of Worldwide Army Rangers (WAR) and a lifetime member of the U.S. Army Ranger Association (USARA). Brace Speaks frequently to corporate and Christian audiences about leadership, strategy development and keeping Christian kids in the Church.

  • John R. Hoge

    Why does one man make it through Ranger School, while another "stronger" or "smarter" guy does not? Leaders bring out the best in their men, and Rangers learn how to do that in Ranger School.

  • Joseph Pollhein, Sr.

    This is one of the best leadership books to come along in quite a while. Brace Barber is the real deal, as are the men who tell their stories in this book. It's not sugar-coated or "politically correct." It draws real connections for the reader from the character and principles and personal strength and commitment of these Rangers to the character and principles and personal strength required to be successful as a leader in any environment.

  • Jamie Flinchbaugh

    Leadership starts from within. I like two things in particular about this book. First, it is not overly complicated in its explanation of leadership. It focuses on issues like trust and discipline. Secondly, it does this through stories. We may or may not remember ideas, but stories we do remember. And these stories are not told ABOUT Rangers, they are told BY Rangers. You can feel like you are sitting there talking with the person and they aren't being edited while you do. Enjoy.

  • Edgard Padilla

    I recommend this book to anyone who wants more from life, and take any excuse... Buy this book to a friend or relative, that needs that little motivation to improve your life quality without excuses. Regardless of your life, financial condition , military or not. These principles are universal.

  • Rama N. Toulon

    Good reading for In service and life after the Uniform. If you ever served in the Army - The title Ranger invokes a sense of awe and respect. In the Infantry world, to be a Ranger and to earn the tab is a top goal. No Excuse Leadership is a must have on any leaders bookshelf.

  • Len Clark

    A book that Defines Leadership. Brace Barber has written a book that not only defines the necessary characteritics of what it takes to be a leader, he does so in a manner that takes the reader inside the world of the Ranger experience. Leaders follow, push themselves; lead by example; depend on others; have teh ability to endure and overcome and have vision. I found personal inspiration from the individual's in the book relating their experiences. You will, too!

  • William Doran

    Great leadership book. Damn fine book, recommend it for the youth of America and think about leadership in thier future. thanks for the reading.

  • John Pietrusinski

    No Excuse Leadership provides "no excuses." I am always trying to improve as a leader and a manager; this book provided hidden potentials in me that I have yet to tap. I will be able to grow as an effective leader.

  • Rolf Dobelli

    Highly Recommended! Author and Army Ranger Brace E. Barber shows you how to make adversity hit the deck and give you 20 push-ups. His lessons on becoming a great leader are simple - stop thinking of yourself, learn to think of others, lead by example, persist in the face of adversity and so forth - but the process by which Army Rangers learn those lessons is complex and fascinating. Barber gives you insight into the brutal training that heroes such as the late Pat Tillman, the NFL star-turned-Ranger, endure for the cause of freedom. Barber profiles ten Rangers who applied lessons from their training to overcome difficulties. Readers see the circumstances under which these lessons were imprinted and deployed. In an age when people offer excuses as readily as business cards, Rangers believe the way to succeed is to stop making excuses. That's a valuable lesson in business and life. We highly recommends this book to those leading others through the hazards of business.

  • Craig Harvey

    A book to energize your approach to your job. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. While serving in the Air Force, Ranger training wasn't being offered on a wide basis at that time, but having served with Rangers on readiness exercises and in training (Hi Sgt. Jeff Wilson!), I knew that the Ranger's were representative of the type of organization I felt operated at a level that I would like to be a part of. This book is sort of like Tom Peters in BDU's and it is just that approach to ones mission (job)that sets Rangers and people with like mind-sets apart from the joker just showing up for the paycheck.

  • Lee Witt

    No Excuse Not to Read this Outstanding Book! Brace Barber cuts right to the quick in No Excuse Leadership. In fact, the first 52 pages will put you ahead of most people in understanding how to get things accomplished. Using his own experiences in conjunction with several other fine men who mastered Ranger School, the author outlines the essential qualities necessary to become a leader in any field. In an entertaining and informative narrative, Barber helps you grasp what it means to overcome challenge. This book is both practical and inspirational. I will continue to refer to it often.

  • Christopher Chapman

    Great. I am a graduate of Ranger School Class 2-99 and I thought this was an excellent book on how individuals that read this book can apply their leadership skills to civilian and military occupations. For the longest time, it has been difficult for me to explain to friends, family, and fellow Army officers what Ranger School was about, other than it being totally miserable for 62 days.

  • Ralph Williams

    I first read this book in 2003. I have since re-read it 4 or 5 times, and I have referenced it hundreds of times in my programs. Brace Barber is a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. That accomplishment in itself should make clear Brace's understanding of discipline, character and leadership.

  • James H. Egbert

    Leadership For The Real World! As a 20 year vertan of the US Navy I know a little bit about Leadership and Teamwork. Brace Barber examines the complexities of Leadership and shows everyone how it is teamwork, team building and faith that makes a great leader. By Far the best book on leadership for the Corporate and Military world I have ever read.

  • Roger L. White

    Going past known limits. I really enjoyed reading this book. It gives you the ground-level stories of Ranger School from ten men who survived the experience and pushed past their mental and physical limits to graduate. Those ten stories are not only enjoyable, they are often surprising.

  • Leonard E. Skinner

    Non- stop motivation! I have never read a book that has inspired me more. I was in the Army for 8 yrs and was a paratrooper. This book has inspired me too the point that I have re-entered the Army at 33 in hopes of becoming a special forces soldier. I enjoyed reading about the passion, drive, and comradery that the elite rangers and ranger battalion's share.

  • Chris Kolenda

    A terrific, hard-hitting book on Leadership! A terrific book that captures the essence of leadership under the extreme conditions of Ranger School. Brace Barber, a great leader in his own right, has assembled a number of other great leaders to discuss leadership insights from Ranger School and how those lessons applied to tough challenges they faced later in life.

  • Michael S. McGrath

    This book is top shelf. I did a stint in the military in an artillery battery a long time ago, and now I enjoy middle age complancency, namely beer and barbeques in my back yard with my better two thirds and my friends and family. This book is top shelf. No, I was never a Ranger, in fact, I'm not even the patch of a Ranger's ass. But the mental and physical toughness of these men are unbelievable. The stories, ALL TRUE, will inspire you if you aspire to be the elite and the best soldier on God's green earth. To you hopefuls out there who want to wear a Ranger Tab, my hat's off to you and by all means get your hands on this book. Rangers lead the way.

  • Johnny D. Lock

    So, you wish to learn a thing or two about being a leader? A great compilation of U.S. Army Ranger School vignettes designed to demonstrate how one can achieve the mental toughness to matter what the adversity. Though exceptionally diverse in background and experience, the Ranger students chronicled in this book reveal that they all had one thing in common...tenacity, perseverance and a desire to be one of the best. RANGER SCHOOL, NO EXCUSE LEADERSHIP is an excellent addition to any leadership or business manager development program and should become as worn, tabbed and dog eared as any well read `-10' equipment maintenance manual. RLTW!

  • Michael Yon

    Important for Future Soldiers. The author created an excellent book for young people wishing to expand their horizons and tap their potentials. As a former soldier, I highly recommend this book for those wishing to push farther and harder than their peers.

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