The Washington National Guard welcomes first RTLI graduate

Ranger school is the US Army’s premiere leadership school. It trains members how to effectively lead Soldiers in harsh environments. Attaining a Ranger qualification at an early stage of military service can strengthen the Soldier’s prospects for advancement, create heightened satisfaction with their National Guard service, and lead to their choosing to re-enlist, thus helping the Guard retain exceptional NCOs.

Ranger School Book Exposes...
Ranger School Book
Ranger School Book
...the challenge, the pain and the leadership value of U. S. Army Ranger School. Experience the first book to illuminate the best leadership school in the U.S. Army; Ranger School. Ranger School puts you at ground level and drives home leadership principles through impactful first-person stories. Learn what Ranger School is like. Feel the claustrophobia of the first night, the frustration of exhaustion and the pain of hunger. "No-excuse leaders don't have to act tough, but they must display mental toughness. Is it a coincidence that a 2006 study found that companies led by ex-military CEOs outperformed the S&P 500, and that such leaders lasted longer in their jobs?"

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