Each step dragged across the top of the muddy trail up the steep ascent to U. S. Army Ranger School’s mountaineering site. No energy and no relief, Brace fell behind. Physical exhaustion is one of the common and often repeated experiences of those pursuing qualification as an Army Ranger. Extreme pressure is inherent in exceptional training like West Point and Army Ranger School. Why break people? Why push them to the point of failure? What can be gained at the limits of mental and physical endurance? More importantly, how can today’s organizations leverage the leadership lessons learned in those environments?

A powerful speaker, Brace motivates people as he relates engaging stories that illustrate the mindset and the methods for becoming exceptional. Brace carries his audience through stories of failure, perseverance and victory. His “No Excuse Leadership” message shines a light on the straight-forward principle that West Point considers the first foundation of leadership. Organizations such as Sam’s Club, CME, Hensel Phelps, West Point and the Air Force Academy have taken advantage of Brace’s teaching and training. He has consulted on leadership and strategy with countless other companies.

Brace is the author of the popular books, Ranger School, No Excuse Leadership, and The Art of War Organized for Decision Making. His most recent book is TESTED, A New Strategy for Keeping Kids in the Faith.

In May 1987, Brace threw his hat in the air as a graduate of West Point, and on an early January morning in 1988, he graduated from the Army’s toughest leadership training, U. S. Army Ranger School. For the past 33 years, Brace has had responsibility as a leader of people. He served with distinction as an active duty Army Officer in posts around the world. In that time he became an expert strategist and leader. After leaving the Army he co-founded and lead several companies involved in the financial industry, armor technology and tactical firearms.

No Excuse Leadership is about personal foundations for individual leaders It is about providing a surprising and enlightening perspective on proven leadership principles and giving leaders concrete examples of how they work. What businesses need today are people who understand why organizations like the Army Rangers succeed magnificently at their missions. They need to know the characteristics that shape these individuals and organizations and how they breed success. No Excuse Leadership gives the audience a foundation of principles, purposes, and attitudes that they can begin using immediately to impact the long-term success of themselves and their organizations.