Strategy Book
Not Sold Separately

Brace gives audiences the decision-making tools to lead in complex and stressful circumstances in order for you to create a competitive professional advantage over your competitors. How can you effectively multiply your time and focus your efforts in what others might consider oppressive conditions of stress and pressure? How can you be immune from those pressures so that you think and plan properly in order to pull out success in nearly all circumstances? Brace provides the mechanism for fully leveraging your organization’s education, experience and time so that when you do execute your mission it is as smooth and successful as possible. In other words, Brace helps people become invaluable to their organizations. Brace helps people become the person that their organization must keep, no matter what because you get the job done better than anyone else.

How can you work fewer hours and get more done? How do you take on your normal responsibilities and also those that no one else wants to touch in order to set yourself apart? How can you handle more than you are already handling and do it well? How do you become invaluable to your organization so that you can relax about your job security?


Brace will personally work with only one executive or owner at a time in an exclusive venue over 48-hours in order to make them invaluable to their organization. We utilize the Full Spectrum Decision Making Process to create highly stable, highly strategic courses of action for selected complex missions. Within minutes of starting, Brace gets clients shedding the weight of conflicting priorities and begins tearing into the meat of their mission. By the end of the two days, the client has a roughed out, highly stable course of action planned and ready for the inclusion of other stakeholders. The two days are designed around solitude, comfort and convenience for all involved. The client and Brace dictate the schedule. Each mission has a unique personality and each person brings a different work pattern that Brace does not try to force into 50-minute sessions. Brace provides all working tools. Dress casually or as comfortably as you wish. You can even leave your razor at home. Brace does not allow cell phones, email or other connections to the outside world during the two days.

Clients work through the process that allows them to see what others cannot see. They become confident, successful leaders and ultimately they become invaluable to their organization.